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Creating Sustainable Business Growth

Momentum delivers business growth solutions designed specifically for the needs of our clients, from SMEs to major corporates.

Momentum's Tender Services provides specialist support to businesses and organisations bidding for formal contracts and tenders.

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Strategic Sales Planning

MentoringHow can we support busy managers and owners of businesses who need help ...?

  • Putting all those business development ideas, that are in your head, into a cohesive plan
  • Producing and revising the basic material to support the plan
  • Keeping on-track with the plan and adapting it and changing it as circumstances develop

Working in partnership with you we will generate a warm new business pipeline for you. We will even-out the peaks and troughs of new business, and take away the headache of generating and tracking your sales and marketing plan - all for an affordable monthly fee, spread evenly across the year.

We will provide continuous supporting specialist expertise starting with the planning process and continuing throughout the year ... and ultimately our aim is to increase your new business gains by at least 25% year on year!

How does this programme work?

First we produce an annual sales and marketing plan based on your:

  • Business needs
  • Marketplace
  • Available resources

This plan will include a schedule of sales and marketing activity for the year, and the means of tracking progress and results.

Once we implement the plan a bi-monthly pit-stop to review the activity and results of the previous two months, and fine tune activity planned for the next two months. The pit-stop will ensure:

  • Continued focus on the plan
  • Maximum focus on initiatives that are working well
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances and new opportunities

Pipeline Generator - Are you able to close the sale when in front of the right person at the right time? Do you want a  steady stream of appointments with warm prospects?

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